SCOREPRISE makes goals and values clear and controllable!

Managers now more than ever are dependent on a comprehensive and constant flow of information to successfully control the high complexity of modern organization network. Both the strategic decisions as well as the ongoing development of the Organization and its employees require an intensive and comprehensive understanding of relationships and effectiveness of the success and risk indicators in the Organization. Thus, for the Organization development all success indicators should be holistically considered to implement a specific strategic measure. SCOREPRISE supports that ;that “ Importance is not replaced by Urgency”.  


More and more Organizations are realizing the aspects of  “ Goals give Orientation”  and“Values give Meaning ”  ” turn into a permanent characteristic for competition and profiling from the view of employees and customers. Meaning it is necessary to strengthen the future observation instead of studying the past. With this, Organizations can move“From Reaction to Action!.”

The implementation of the strategy into goals and compliance of the values, ensure a consequent and comprehensive route, policy and value which fit for all Managers. It permit Managers a thorough understanding of strengths/weaknesses and opportunities/risks of the area of responsibility and the entire organization.


By using SCOREPRISE, a permanent “dialogue” results and accompanies the continuous, goals - and value-based development of Managers and employees of the whole organization.


SCOREPRISE combines all the performance-relevant information of an organization. By this, quantitative and qualitative success indicators can be mapped and made controllable. Therefore, all Managers can now think and act with future-orientation, sustainability and entrepreneurially; improve the handling of their responsibilities.


SCOREPRISE is the perfect software solution for the goal and value - oriented development of managers and their entire Organization.