SCOREPRISE makes goals and values clear and controllable!

  • The IT - Configuration


  • Features


  • SCOREPRISE is capable to present the achievement of goals and increase of values; minimize risks with the aid of intelligent traffic light technology in all management units of the organization with all success indicators.
  • It can realize the important aspects of planning, forecast calculation and extrapolation.
  • SCOREPRISE can additionally take into account and control any qualitative success goal - and value - measures, risk and lead indicators
  • It can control the execution and timing of measurement in all management units.
  • It can create automatic, standardized reports.
  • It supports internal benchmarking by comparing any management units.
  • It supports Best Practices by identifying success relevant measurements.
  • It can map performance- and success related incentives and remuneration systems per management units.
It is based on Microsoft standards, it’s a database structured and easy to maintain. It is unique, flexible and a data based management information system. It is a front-end solution for Microsoft Databases. Direct access to SCOREPRISE.mdb using MS Access. Database connection using OLE-DB in SCOREPRISE on MS Access database, e.g. the supplied SP_ETL_Tool.mdb for data processing. Database connections by any ODBC – enabled applications to SCOREPRISE.mdb. Possible integration into web-based surveillance and management systems on the basis of Microsoft SharePoint and QlikView. For graphical analysis and for the web reporting SCOREPRISE uses the globally recognized QlikView BI-solution.